Rejoicing Spirits

What a blessing this ministry has been to our congregation. It was hard to imagine the impact that reaching out to the special needs community would have here in Uniondale.

Since our first month we have been growing, slowly, but growing.

Our last service, on Super Bowl Sunday, was one that I approached with a bit of trepidation. Four of our regular worshippers had told me they would not be able to attend. A third, one of our congregation members, indicated she and her son would leave early since she was hosting a party at her house. A fourth only came with one of the people that was not coming. That potentially would leave us with one woman who is also a congregation member. It was looking like the service would be full of those who had already attended the morning service and stuck around to see what this new service was about. My spirits sank as I feared they would think this ministry was a bust and wonder why we raved about it. We prepared as usual, despite my fear that things would be dismal.

Well, shame on me for my doubt. In the door walked residents from two different group homes in the area. They had been invited for months and finally were able to come. They had been sent by the homes to check it out.

What a worship service! We had the 5 new visitors added to 8 members of Grace, (ranging in age from 6 to 93) added to our staff of 7. It’s not about the numbers to be sure, but this was our largest attendance. And that was without 8 of our regular folks.

Our visitors were excited to be with us, I pray they will return next month. Our members remarked on what a wonderful ministry this was! We made some new friends and God was praised with Word and song and prayers.

It was one of those days that reminded me how much I love what I am blessed to do each day! Can’t wait until next month.

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