greetings from the south bronx

This post comes to you by way of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Highbridge, Bronx. We’ll be utilizing this space to keep the teams abreast of our progress and share the fun details of our journey toward building the Highbridge Media Lab [stay tuned for our social media site – coming soon]

We’ve had a busy winter with one of our first phases of the project – the vocal booth and performance stage build out.

makin stuff
highbridge media lab buildout

The Highbridge MediaLab project was conceived with the intent to create a creative space where the community can gather to perform, showcase, learn, create and build. Using the existing event space we will convert the stage area into a multiuse production / performance space complete with vocal recording booth, band rehearsal space, concert performance venue and film/screening room.

– ceiling in sound booth
– square off stage. ensure stage is flush and square with front of stage.
– sound booth roughed out
– extend stage to lengthen booth
– replace flooring with new vinyl tile

– add 2/4 more colored flood lights
– install heavy curtain – also serves to dampen sound
– plaster and painting all sheet rocks
– make and install sound dampening panels
– cover exterior window
– install film/video screen
– install high lumen LCD projector


We’ll be back soon with additional updates!

– David & the Highbridge Medialab team

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