Thecla Comes to Williamsburg


Thecla at St Paul’s Lutheran was a success! Thank you to everyone who made it possible: To the talented cast, the Sower’s Grant team at the ELCA, our patient guest musician, door tenders, the gracious and kind staff at St Paul’s, and to our esteemed and honored collaborators who came and shared a wonderful evening with us! Thursday night and Friday night, Thecla enthusiasts from the five boroughs (as well as some visitors who had no idea what was going on) trekked to Williamsburg, Brooklyn to experience a worship moment unlike any other.


A fully immersive worship experience that relies heavily on interactive storytelling and dramatic representations, the story of Thecla comes to life in a unique way every performance. One of our two performances was filmed, and many of our guest collaborators volunteered to offer testimony about their experience. These interviews have been collected and will be shared as soon as possible.


Looking back on the experience, I have to say that I noticed a sense of calm the swept across the stage after worship did not last. There was a low point of energy after the conclusion of both performances, however the lull in energy soon gave way to passionate conversation – sometimes about the performance, sometimes not. I’m most excited to pursue this work because the effect of singing and experiencing fully a story alongside someone else, can be a transformative experience. We hoped to share the good news with anyone who would come and hear it, and the results were overwhelming. Our next blog post will include testimonials from our collected video as well as our thoughts about how to move forward.



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