HBML March Update

It’s been a super busy month here at HBML.
While construction on the space at 1205 Woodycrest Ave has slowed due to coordination conflicts with the volunteers, we’ve made lots of progress reaching out to the community at large and connecting with other agencies and educators doing similar and related work in the Bronx.


“Dreamyard uses project-based arts learning to ignite the transformative spirit in youth, public schools and communities.”

We met with DreamYard’s Director of Digital Learning Hillary Kolos a few weeks ago to both get a tour of the beautiful Dream Yard Art Center @ 1085 Washington Avenue Bronx, NY and discuss the state of digital literacy training in the Bronx. We talked memes, Drake animated gifs and gap that exists connecting youth to jobs in the communication arts industries.

South Bronx Rising Together

“South Bronx Rising Together is a collaborative network of program providers and community stakeholders. This group will work together to create a community that is college and career ready by leveraging the expertise of a network of families, educators, business leaders, community advocates and service providers to support the lifelong success of families and youth in the community.”

Abelardo Fernandez, Co-Director at South Bronx Rising was kind enough to jump on a call with us to talk about the South Bronx Rising offering and help provide some insight into future community planning and how they are using data and new reporting methods to track the progress of youth through the educational system and providing targeted support at key intervention points. Our team has been invited to the next SBRT Stakeholder Table Meeting at Hostos Community College on March 28 – keynote Rev. Alfonso Wyatt.


“New York Collective of Radical Educators (NYCoRE) is a group of current and former public school educators and their allies committed to fighting for social justice in our school system and society at large, by organizing and mobilizing teachers, developing curriculum, and working with community, parent, and student organizations.”

We had the extreme pleasure of attending the NYCoRE 2016 conference on Saturday. While we missed the keynote – found here [ https://vimeo.com/159878156] we had a great / informative time and met many educators from around the country and nyc. We will definitely be back next year once our project launches.

Big shout out to Cliff Lee visiting scholar at @YouthRadio in Oakland for a great session on Remastering Digital Tools for the Community


“Hive NYC is comprised of 55 non-profit organizations such as museums, libraries, code clubs, advocacy groups, higher education institutions, afterschool programs and tech start-ups. Together, they create equitable and accessible opportunities for young people to explore their interests and gain skills that prepare them for success in the information age.”

Another great opportunity to network with our peers. HiveNYC hosts meetings every 6 weeks to reconnect with their many partner/stakeholder team. It’s an opportunity to network, get feedback on projects and introduce new members to the inner workings of the Hive and how to get involved. We look forward to collaborating with them in the near future.

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