One of those weeks

It has been one of those weeks!! Two of the adult staff had various event in their lives and was not able to work at the after school program. Thank God for the high school seniors!  We are continuing to learn the creation story. I was trying to find a method for the children to learn their bible verses for the week. Yesterday, we found a method. We learned Proverbs 3:5 and 6. The children provided the action for the words. It was great to hear them memorize the scripture.

Creation Story

We have been studying the creation story and reading the Genesis passages for some weeks. Out of the nine children attending the after school only three could remember hearing the creation story. The children had great questions. One of our 10 year old wanted to know how the animals were created.  I never thought about it and was surprised as she when we discovered the answer in the Genesis story. After we study each day of the creation story, the children worked on their own drawings depicting the event. The drawings was a great way of reviewing the previous bible lessons.