Confronting a parent

This is the hardest thing to do and I don’t like talking to parents about their child. My concern is that I do not want to offend a parent. The staff agreed that it was necessary to talk to a parent about her child’s explicit conversations and actions at the after school.  The staff thought that some intervention from the after school could help the child in the future. It so happened that the mother dropped by at the after school center yesterday and I and an interpreter asked the parent about her child’s explicit conversations and actions. She confirmed that she is aware of it because  she is talking and doing the same things  at home. The parent told us that peers are influencing her at the school.

I don’t think the parent was offended by our conversation but because of the conversation, the parent is a little more aware of the child’s behavior and hopefully will address it in the future.

Reflection on Lent and Easter

The children at the after school program had the opportunity to participate in our Lenten and Easter events.   At the beginning of Lent, we made journals. The children had opportunities to write their reflections of the day.

During the Lenten season we learned how to practice good habits.  For one week, we practice saying “thank you” to friends and family. We heard a lot of “thank yous” at the after school.  Easter we had the opportunity to read passages of the Easter Story. I hope the children  never forget these learning experience.